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Our First Fund

  • 14%+ Target IRR
  • 10%+ Target Annual Yields
  • 8% Preferred Returns
  • Recession resistant strategy

Panama | Warren, MI

11.1% Annual Cash Yields (Avg)

14.3% Annualized Returns

1.9X Projected Total Return

Hupp 2

Hupp 2 | Warren, MI

15.6% Annual Cash Yields (Avg)

18.1% Annualized Returns

2.1X Projected Total Return


Timken | Warren, MI

11.7% Annual Cash Yields (Avg)

14.6% Annualized Returns

1.9X Projected Total Return


Georgiana | Warren, MI

12.7% Annual Cash Yields (Avg)

14.1% Annualized Returns

1.9X Projected Total Return


Bolam | Warren, MI

12.1% Annual Cash Yields (Avg)

19.6% Annualized Returns

2.4X Projected Total Return


Eastwood | Warren, MI

13.3% Annual Cash Yields (Avg)

19.1% Annualized Returns

2.3X Projected Total Return


Hupp | Warren, MI

14.2% Annual Cash Yields (Avg)

16.2% Annualized Returns

2.0X Projected Total Return


Theisen | Centerline, MI

10.7% Annual Cash Yields (Avg)

15% Annualized Returns

2.0X Projected Total Return


Dixie | Redford, MI

15.8% Annual Cash Yields (Avg)

18.6% Annualized Returns

2.2X Projected Total Return


Heussner | Warren, MI

17.1% Annual Cash Yields (Avg)

19.9% Annualized Returns

2.3X Projected Total Return

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Today's Rate: 5.27%*

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You get the benefits of Real Estate Investments; Cash flow, appreciation, tax advantages. Our private fund offerings are vertically integrated and managed by our team.
Lower Fees, Superior Returns
Our tech-first approach to passive investing helps drive down fees. Our negotiation chops and vertically integrated management helps our funds outperform.
Unrivaled Transparency
You get monthly reports on the financial performance of every individual property, along with quarterly distributions and fund-level financial reports.
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