The Bloom Story

Bloom is the most investor friendly option for building passive income.


At Bloom, we believe everyone should have a plan to build passive wealth.

Through our platform, you can park your cash in low-risk T-bills (coming soon).

We provide you access to high cash yield real estate investments, fully managed by the Bloom team.

Users can also invest in other private fund offerings with lower-than-usual minimum check sizes (coming soon).


Built for Working Professionals

Bloom was designed to meet the unique needs of Tech employees, Lawyers, MBAs, Medical professionals and other high-earners.

Our platform is perfect for those with more resources than time. Let us help you turn those resources into enough passive income to offset your day job.


A Founding Team Dedicated to Improving the Financial Lives of Others

We’ve built finance-oriented communities before. Bloom is owned by Juno, a consumer fintech platform that has helped 100,000+ people access $700M+ of debt at the lowest rates available.

Backed by World Class Investors and Advisors

Additionally, we are advised by experienced investors, property managers, real estate agents and more.

Want to join our team?